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Super Ways » Cure Diabetes - 6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Diabetes Forever.

Cure Diabetes - 6 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Diabetes Forever.

It is always advisable to avoid some foods if you are diabetic such as refined sugar, sweets, syrups, glucose, jam, molasses, fruit sugar, ice-cream, cakes, pastries, sweet biscuits, chocolates, soft drinks, condensed milk, cream and fried foods.

Diabetes can be a life-threatening disease if you don’t know how to cure it early. In this article I will tell you about six easy steps to get rid of diabetes forever. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will understand the big danger that diabetes patients are in as well as find a way out of that danger.

Fats like butter, ghee and hydrogenated vegetable oil should also be avoided. White sugar and white flour should be reduced drastically. Avoid all processed foods, junk food, pastries, cookies, canned and preserved foods. They contain harmful preservatives and lot of salt. Avoid soft drinks since these have a lot of sugar. Try to avoid fried foods from your diet.

  1. Learn about diabetes: Knowledge is the best medicine. Learning about the disease is half the battle won. If you learn a little about diabetes, it will help you a long way towards curing it. There is a lot of free information on diabetes available all over the internet. Just browse them and in no time you will see that you have got hold of some easy remedies.
  2. Smoking results in the using up of oxygen in the body. It will result in less of oxygen needed by the body to metabolize glucose. So smoking should be avoided. Salt consumption should be reduced to a minimum. You will get enough salt form the vegetables and fruits you eat. Reduce animal foods especially red meats. Reduce poultry and egg. Reduce caffeine and alcohol. Do not drink tea and coffee more than 2 cups a day.

  3. Ask your doctor: I am sure you are already visiting a doctor. If not, why not? Your doctor can give you the best advice as far as diabetes is concerned. You just need to ask him. Ask him what is the best way to cure diabetes. Tell him about the kind of things you have tried in order to cure diabetes and whether they have worked for you or not. Based on your family history and health, your doctor should be able to find out the perfect solution for you!
  4. Try to replace it with green tea or herbal teas like Parsley tea, Blueberry leaf, Tea made of tender walnut tree leaves, Water in which kidney bean pods have been cooked is good diabetes. Do not consume alcohol in empty stomach.

  5. Proper diet: Eating a balanced diet is the first step towards curing diabetes. You should bid goodbye to junk foods and starch, and focus on real foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These foods will go a long way in helping you get rid of diabetes quickly!
  6. Alcohol on an empty stomach can cause low blood glucose or hypoglycemia.Foods that should be consumed in moderation are honey and other natural sugars like palm sugar, dates which can be used instead of white sugar. Remember these should be consumed in very little quantity only. Pasta, coconut, other nuts, unsweetened juices, eggs should be limited.

  7. Exercise: Along with having a proper diet, you should exercise regularly. If nothing else, then swim, jog or walk regularly. You should ideally walk for 30-45 minutes per day, if not more. You can also do various simple exercises in your home. No need to visit a gym for this purpose, although a gym does provide you with an ideal environment for exercising.
  8. You can replace it with whole grain, unpolished rice and Soya products. Try to eat whole grain bread instead of white flour. Fats like olive oil and peanut oil are more advisable that hydrogenated fats. Low fat food like skimmed milk and low fat home made cottage cheese can be taken in moderation. You can also substitute it with yoghurt. Sea food and fish also can be taken in moderation. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. An alkaline diet with natural food is recommended. Wholegrain, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and dairy products form a good diet for the diabetic. Raw vegetables can be taken in high quantities.

  9. Understand the symptoms: Are you able to know when your blood sugar level goes up or when it goes down? Well, it is easy to predict whether you are suffering from high blood sugar or low blood sugar if you know the symptoms that prelude the disease. For example, if you are suffering from anxiety, anger or frustration, then you maybe suffering from high blood pressure. On the other hand, if you are feeling confused, unfocussed or unable to concentrate on anything, then you are suffering from low blood sugar. Once you understand the symptoms, it becomes easy to prevent diabetes.
  10. It has been found that cooked foods raise blood glucose higher than raw, unpeeled foods. Cooking destroys many of the enzymes and some vitamins and minerals.

  11. Medication routine: lastly, you should religiously follow the medication routine given to you by your doctor. Your best bet is to stick these medication instructions at a place where you are able to notice it every hour and everyday.

Eat at least five fruits every day. Fruits like grape fruit, pomegranate juice, Indian blackberry, banana, granny smith apples, fig, cranberries, black berry, kiwi fruits, and citrus fruits are highly recommended. It can be taken as a snack. Cucumber, Lettuce, onion, garlic string beans cucumber radish, tomato, carrot, leaves; spinach turnip, cabbage and Jerusalem artichoke are good for diabetes… [read more]

Diabetes doesn’t mean the end of life. It can be easily controlled, if you are willing to follow the rules. I would suggest that you also join a diabetes membership site or a diabetes support group. This would help you keep focused on your health and you will be able to recover from diabetes faster.

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