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Super Ways » 3 Fun Ways To Improve Social Skills.

3 Fun Ways To Improve Social Skills.

The following five social behaviours are generally considered core social and friendship skills:

• Eye contact: Looking someone in the eye when you speak is perhaps the most important interpersonal skill to develop in kids. Kids who spend a lot of time in front of screens and little time in front of faces often have difficulty in this area.

There are many fun ways to improve social skills, but the most effective ways are always fun ways to improve social skills. You will be able to increase your social skills more effectively with longer lasting results when you try fun ways to improve social skills.

Fun ways to improve social skills will allow you to approach this important goal with a good attitude and an upbeat readiness for better interactions with people.

• Friendly behaviours: This includes: good manners, chatting to lots of children, taking an interest in others, knowing how to start up a conversation and how to enter a game.

Do you think your social skills are better at work or with friends and family? You may find that you are better socializing at work in a more conservative environment. On the other hand, you may find you are better when you can be yourself you’re your friends and family.

• Playing games well: Being a good winner and loser and being able to play fairly are more important social skills than being able to play a game with skill.

Either way, it is important to understand that you use your social skills in every aspect of your life so time spent learning Fun ways to improve social skills is worthwhile. You will use your social skills in hard times as well as good times.

Popular psychology and recent therapy research suggests that learning skills that will benefit you during hard times or times of confrontation occurs best in a safe or fun environment. When you set your mind to improving your social skills look for fun ways to improve social skills - doing so in fun ways and with a fun attitude will make the process easier.

• Tolerance of differences: Tolerant kids tend to collect a variety of friends. Variety is important as it helps your child be more interesting and provides an insulator when bad things happen to them within a group.

The following tips are just a few fun ways to improve social skills a part of your life.

1. Fun ways to improve social skills - Stop to really listen when people are talking to you, and challenge yourself to reflect back what you have heard.

• Standing up for yourself: It is a jungle out there so kids need to be able to stand up for themselves to some degree. The following are some of the skills that generally fit into this category: ignoring someone who gives you a hard time, telling someone to stop annoying you, being assertive and knowing how to ask an adult for help without whining.

Make it a game to see just how much information you can glean from every conversation. When you practice active listening, you will learn so much more than listening with only a part of your attention span.

Make a game of finding ways to reflect back what people have said. This will be more fun as you see people respond more openly to you and tell you more about themselves.

As a parent there are three ways you can help children develop social:

• Immersion: Set up the environment at home so that kids learn these skills. E.g If you want children to learn to be good winners and losers then spend time playing a variety of age-appropriate games. Also make sure kids have plenty of social interactions with a variety of people, including adults, in a variety of settings both at home and outside home.

2. Fun ways to improve social skills - Say please and thank you every time you can.

It may feel ridiculous at first, but you can tell yourself you are trying something new and exotic that most people in the world fail to participate in.

When you say please and thank you, other people will be more likely to help you through your day. Wouldn’t your day be more fun if you had all the resources and help you really needed?

For added entertainment, learn to say please and thank you in different languages and share these words and what they mean with the people you meet.

• Conscious modelling: Make sure the social behaviours that you want children to develop are on display from parents and other admired adults. E.g. If you want children to develop tolerance then make sure you are friendly and complementary to a range of people acknowledging their quirks and frailties. Kids take their cues from you so model tolerance if this is what you want them to learn.

People will be more polite to you when you show the simple courtesy of saying please and thank you, and they will enjoy learning these new words and phrases. The Internet is a great source for this information, and will even have pronunciation hints to help with these fun ways to improve social skills!

3.Fun ways to improve social skills - Pretend for today you are a prince or princess, and a very important statesperson.

• Implicit teaching: Teach children specific skills in a number of ways; including rehearsing behaviours and language, talking through specific situations as they arrive (teachable moments) and just-in-time cueing of specific skills (e.g. remind kids to say thank you before they visit grandma’s at Christmas).

Pretend people are watching you and deciding how they will approach you based on the way you carry your body. For the day, try these fun ways to improve social skills: you are a dancer and you are choreographing your conversations to use your body to make other people feel more comfortable when they approach you.

In truth, you affect people every day with your nonverbal cues. Make today a day of complete acting, and try out different postures and stances to see which elicit the interactions and friendly responses you most want.

I think we underestimate the importance of social competencies in kids in terms of their contribution to kids’ well-being and, indirectly, their success at school… [read more]

Try incorporating fun ways to improve social skills, and you will enjoy this process much more!

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