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Super Ways » 10 ways to make a girl blush.

10 ways to make a girl blush.

We have all been there. Meeting the girl of our dreams. The one with a cute face, perfect body, and great personality. Unfortunately, she seems to date guys who are so dissimilar to you. Are you her type? How do you get her to like you?

  1. Girls blush a LOT when you pay them an unexpected compliment. I mean, if she’s already expecting a compliment from you, it might not have the same effect. But if you surprise her with an unexpected compliment, things get awkward. And when things get awkward, girls react in only one way. They blush. Profusely.
  2. Here’s an important fact that you should take to heart. Men choose women based on looks. On the other hand, women choose men based on how they make them feel. In short, personality scores higher than looks when it comes to men.

  3. If you’re the adventurous kind, buy her something intimate. And by intimate, I don’t mean a tiny-little-teddy-bear-holding-an I-Love-You-signboard. Be a man. Time to buy her some lingerie, perhaps? (Warning: This method MIGHT backfire very very badly)
  4. This is good news for all average looking men out there. It’s so simple. In getting a girl to like you, you need to be an ‘alpha male’. You will need to be confident, and go for what you want out of life without hesitation. In short, take the lead.

  5. The next rule applies to both sexes. The easiest way to make a girl blush is to shout out her affectionate name in public. Names like “Jaanu” or ‘Sona” or ‘Sweetheart” are bound to make her blush.
  6. One of the most important ways to ensure she blushes is to tell her that she’s the most beautiful girl you know. Tell her that you love her more than anything else. (yes, this includes your play-station and your bike). Tell her that she’s yours, forever.
  7. Based on this fact, women unconsciously evaluates men based on how much ‘value’ the men portray to the women. Therefore, to get a woman to like you, make sure that you come from the position of high value.

  8. The simplest way to make a girl blush is to impress her parents. The moment the parents compliment their daughter’s choice of boyfriend, her hormones jump up and down with excitement. It is a known fact that the approval of the parents means the world to a girl. And a little bit of chivalry and good manners can ensure that. Yes, that means that you will have to a get a hair cut, young man!
  9. How do you demonstrate higher value then? Simple. Be nonchalant, and dis-attach yourself from being dependent on the outcome of the interaction with the girl. This means that you don’t care whether she likes you or not.

  10. There’s something incessantly cute about pulling a girls cheek, that inevitably makes her blush like a little tomato. Pulling a girls cheek has a 99 per cent chance of making her blush. However, this ratio decreases severely if you follow it up by saying the words “Wow, you’ve put on weight, fatty”.
  11. The reasoning behind this is that if she likes you, then it’s great. If she doesn’t, then you have so many options apart from her that you need not worry.

  12. Contrary to popular opinion, girls blush even if you don’t compliment them. All you have to do is compliment their boyfriends. Tell her how lucky she is to have such a gentlemanly boyfriend. But don’t over do it, otherwise she’ll get jealous of you. *Sigh* Yeah, girls are weird like that.
  13. Finally, date as many women as possible. By not dating that ’special girl’, you stop becoming needy, and this alone is a very attractive trait to women.

  14. Unlike normal people, girls blush when something embarrassing occurs. For example, if you happen to discover a naked baby picture of hers, she’ll blush. Even if she happened to be one of the ugliest babies of her time.
  15. This is just one of the many tips in the cutting edge thinking on seduction. For more tips and resources, be sure to check out the link below… [read more]

  16. Tease her about something embarrassing. This might seem a little dodgy. You don’t want to go overboard with the teasing. For example, teasing her about her bad driving skills falls under’cute’. Whereas teasing her about the abundance of forest-like growth of facial hair is a big no no.
  17. It’s easy to make a girl blush when you’re around your friends. All you have to do is crack an inside joke. Only she will get the joke. This in turn, will make her feel special. This in turn will make her cheeks go all warm and red. So folks, no girl can resist a tiny blush on an inside joke, surely.

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